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A phrase used when you want to tell a n00b who is acting dumb to shut up.
n00b: LiEk, OmG, i R t3h l33t
Vet: STFY!
by The Spanish Inquisition December 11, 2004
The message board with the best users around. A lot are former LUEsers and excellent posters that are awesome at pwning gay LLers when they "invade" the forum. Watch out for BRO, he's really pwnsome >_> and SS and Vash as well because they can B& j00r ass! Degan and haifista and the two local trolls. Haifista is just an asshole and Degan posts stories that are nothing but liezzzzz. Then there are the awesome users:
The Nick, BRO, poke mon, Shattered Soul, Vishnu, LightBringer, That One Chick, Sinner, and many more!
Go there now or die, bitch!
LLer: LUE2 sUx, LoLz!!11
Pwnsome LUE2ser: STFY!
*LLer gets B& by Silent Strike*
All of LUE2: How pathetic... *goes back to fapping*
by The Spanish Inquisition March 09, 2005
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