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"Gooner Bum Bandit"

As most Arsenal supporters are hated and of the homosexual persuasion it has been necessary for the bright sparks at the Oxford English Dictionary to recognise the name given to these despicable individuals by the trusted and highly loved Spurs fans.
Everyone was already aware that Nathan and Richie were a right couple of Goondits.
by The Spade KOT September 04, 2007
Noun. Of the Anus.
Another word for the Anus, Bumhole, Chocolate Starfish, Etc.
Usually clean and bleached in this case.
Like a supermodels ring.
Stu was bored with being turned down for recieving gay sex because of his dirty brown ring, so he decided to get it bleached at his local clinic and arrived home that day with a shiny new Salotch.
by The Spade KOT September 04, 2007
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