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A Corne, is a white South African animal who has a promising future in rugby. It is very common for cornes to develop micropenis', so this puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to acquiring poon.

Cornes sometimes migrate to the United Kingdom in search of easy poon.
It has been widely speculated that Cornes have a fetish for inserting rugby balls into their sexual preys' vaginas. All we know for sure is that they are dangerous creatures out in the wild.

This particular Corne was spotted in Oxfordshire and for some unknown reason, kept grunting out: "I love bosse". The poor beast hasn't fully mastered the english language, so our best corneologists have translated it into: I wish I had a bigger dick.
Man 1: Look at the south african kid over there, trying to chat up some clunge.
Man 2: Pfff, he's being such a Corne.. I bet you he has an incredibly small dick..
by The South African Rapist November 30, 2011

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