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A pretty damn shit place to live. But it's better than America to be honest. We shouldn't help the motherfucking yanks kill thousands of people in Iraq. Are they not old enough to fight their own war? We DO NOT say 'good old chap' and shit like that. We do brush our teeth and not all of us smoke. Just some of the random crap the yanks have been writing about England. It's still a shithole. But if it wern't for us, theyre wouldn't be a America. We were the ones that made a pilgramige to America and they took it over and now the buggers hate us? Well you have a crap leader. Well so do we. SHH.The Queens pretty shit aswell. She dosen't do much. In a nutshell, both America and England are shit countries.
American Tom:'Englands shit'
English Chris:'I know, so is America'
American Tom:'Fuck yeah!'
by The Snow Man August 31, 2006
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