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SNARF: the consequence of neglecting to log out of one's facebook and leaving one's computer prey to attack; one's status is then "SNARFED"- (all caps is VERY important) to show one's dominance over another. The more "likes" and "comments" one receives, the higher the quality of the SNARF and the SNARFer. Remaining anonymous is of the utmost importance to keep the integrity of the SNARF. Also, deleting a SNARF is grounds for suspension or even expulsion from the SNARF family.

SNARF(verb) to eat; to drink; to like someone of the opposite sex; to sleep in; to refer to a previous snarf.

SNARF(noun): a food; a drink; a person of the opposite sex one likes; sleep; numchuck skills; the first president of the united states... of america.

SNARF(any other form of speech): simply as one intends for it to be used: can be positive or negative; cacophonous or euphonious; pejorative or ameliorative; black or white; reptilian or mammalian.

origin: the thunder cats character who resembles a cat

Common responses- NOOOO!, I've been snarfed.

- Did you really just snarf me?

SNARF (verb): I'm about to go snarf, you wanna come?

-I'm just snarfin around right now, you?

SNARF (noun): How's the snarf tonight? Are you guys going to hang out?
by The Snarf December 19, 2010

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