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A drunken and debaucherous night out with the boys drinking heavily, the happenings of which are seldom recollected and usually denied to the authorities. Might result in ending up with a cuntasaurus rex.
husband: I shant be home until late milady. Us and the boys are heading out for a prolonged brannigan, expect me home tuesday with a splitting headache and two wenches by my side
wife: but I thought we were married...
this guy: can I join
husband: NOOOOOO!!!
wife: tiger claw?
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006
Taking a taxi and then running away at the end of the fare to avoid paying. Usually done at the end of a brannigan or in conjunction with other drunken activities such as pirate bobbing
see also: dine and dash
This guy: Damn Tyrone! How did you get home last night, you lost all your marbles at the craps tables over at Nasty Louises creamshop.
Tyrone: Dag yo, I tooks a runbun to the forested area outside of my cavedwelling so as to fool them authoritahs.
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006
The actr of randomly going into peoples houses and eating stuff out of their fridges. Usually done as a means of drunky snacking on the way home from a party. Often done in student corridors where you do not live.
Random Pirate: So Mikeymike, how the hell did you get so shirtfucked last night, it looks like night of the living dead.
Mikeymike: Eh, I think I went pirate bobbing around the student kitchens before I grabbed a runbun home.
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006
The act of gorging oneself on nutritionally deficient foodstuffs while in an intoxicated state. An ideal accompaniment to a brannigan and usually enacted by some pirate bobbing or by going to one of the ever present foodstalls along the route to ones house. Bonus points are awarded if the drunky snacking is done on the metre of a taxi one is later going to pull a runbun on.
Charlie Brown: Hey did you do any drunky snacking last night Rubble D?
Rubble D: Dag yo, I finished like 50 pounds of dirty underwear, still feeling the fibres in my teeth yo.
Charlie B: Thats wack
Rubble D: Wiggety Wack
Charlie B: No just regular type...
by The Snackmaster October 18, 2006
Someone who likes to "play" with children too much, male or female, but usually male.
Potential Belgian: Man I think that girl last night was only 9
Ex-friend: That was a boy you damn belgian!
Potential Belgian: ah! thats why she only let me anally penetrate her.
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006

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