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A homosexual sex act involving ten (10) or more males, popularized by several conservative politicians.

During this act each participant lines up according to penis size and voraciously jackhammers the male with the tightest cornhole ("receiver") until they ejaculate, one at a time filling the colon with an emulsion of personal lubricant and fecal matter ("Santorum").

Next, the second most hung male penetrates the colon extremely deeply and performs the most aggressive form of anal intercourse done at such a speed/force that the anus loses all tightness and what was once a happy starfish is now a hot red pit ("code red anal").

Simultaneously, while the receiver is fluffing the most hung male and getting absolutely throttled in the ass, the most hung male grabs the back of the receiver's head and forces the receiver to deep throat beyond his capability.

The violent gag that results sets off a chain reaction that begins with a sphincter clench. The combination of this clench with a well-timed inward thrust from the #2 douche rocket creates a massive high-pressure colon-bubble that explodes at a high velocity from the receivers gaping colon, covering the #2 douche rocket in a mixed batch of steamy Santorum.
"Newt is absolutely drowning after that Santorum Surge."

"Mitt really timed that one nicely, Newt didn't even see that Santorum Surge coming."

"Fuck a glitter bomb, that toxic Santorum Surge just blinded Newt."

"Wow, that guy just blew up. What a well executed Santorum Surge!"

"Oh shit, somebody throw Mitt a couple bate-mates, he has one hell of a mess to clean up after that Santorum Surge!"
#santorum #bate-mate #anal #code red #glitter bomb #newt #mitt #herman cain #anne coulter #romney #gingrich #penis #cock #deep throat
by The Smifter February 10, 2012
A European designed batch-rag. The bate mate is well-known for its superior performance and long-term reliability compared to the conventional tube sock.
"When I was overseas I couldn't believe that guys were still batching into a tube sock! Get a fuckin bate mate buddy!"

"No matter how many times I batch in between washes, my bate mate never gets dry and crusty."

"Joe said his bate mate is like a ShamWow for jizz, I might have to get one."

"Cum, ladyjuice, Santorum, the bate mate can handle it!"
#santorum #santorum surge #cum #pussy juice #shamwow #shammy towell #jizz
by The Smifter February 10, 2012
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