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A former programmer turned singer/songwriter. First achieved notoriety with his folk rendition of "Baby Got Back". Wrote "Still Alive", the credits song in Portal; and "Code Monkey", which is now the theme song for the G4 show of the same name. Has six albums on iTunes and two podcasts. Possibly the only artists immune to the effects of fame and money.
Jonathan Coulton is the shit
by The Ska Assassin February 17, 2009
A fallout shelter for true /b/-tards after /b/-day.
The Holy 7th Channel is where Anonymous resides and where the only cancer-free /b/ can be found.
Was considered a hide out for many pedophiles because of its lolicon and shotacon boards, or at least until 12chan was founded.
Was the first *chan to host an invasion board (though it was removed at the request of the host company), a psychology board, and a trap board.
Was a hub for Project Chanology until it collapsed.
Popular boards include /b/, /x/, /vg/, /w/, /cake/, and /p/.
7chan used to have pedos lurking 24/7, but now it's awesome.

7chan is the Africa of the Internet. Sure there are a few gems, but you'll probably come back with AIDS.
by The Ska Assassin February 08, 2009
Using a swear word while at a church, mosque, or any other religious building. Hell is often excluded from the list of swears due to the fact that it is used often in these places.
"Fuck this, I hate this lame-ass youth group"

"Hey, quit chursing and maybe I can sneak us out"
by The Ska Assassin September 01, 2008

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