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Slang term for toilet. Believed to have entered the English language via the British Army during its sojourn in British India.

See also dunny, bog,outhouse,loo, john
Where's the Karzi? My back teeth are floating and I'm about to burst.
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by The Sidhe April 16, 2006
The state that a man is in after he has gotten engaged but before he ties the knot
I'm quite happy being here alone with my pre-husband.
#prehusband #pre-husband #victim #sucker #ball-and-chain
by The Sidhe May 28, 2007
A pub game often played by members of various football clubs. Also performed by Australian servicemen. It involves seeing who can last the longest with a burning newspaper shoved up their arse.
Taken from Wikipedia:
"One of the "hallowed traditions" bestowed upon the area by sojourning sailors, eg. from Australia, was the ritualistic "Dance Of The Flamers" or "Dance Of The Flaming Arseholes" on top of the infamous toilet's roof. Compatriots on the ground would chant the signature "Haul 'em down you Zulu Warrior" song whilst the matelots performed their act."
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by The Sidhe April 16, 2006
Local term to describe Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and declared the most livable city in Australia several years running. Brisbane has a population of around 1.5 million, and is the centre of the South-East Queensland corridor that runs from the Sunshine Coast to the New South Wales border (although some would include the northern coast of New South Wales around Kingscliffe in this definition.) This area has the dubious distinction of being the fastest growing region in Australia, with the Gold Coast hosting an annual drunken debauch called "Schoolie's Week" in November-December.

Connection to Las Vegas... It seems to have been coined when they decided to turn a lovely, but derelect building in the heart of the city into a casino.
Going to Brisvegas to learn how to live.
by The Sidhe October 22, 2003
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