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Sexual act where the female shoves a chicken leg up the males arse and rams it until he's ready to cum. Just as he's about to cum the female will place the empty meal bucket in front of the male and he has to ejaculate into the bucket, if he hits then he then takes the bucket and slams it on top of the girls head. If he misses then as punishment the female must eat the shitty chicken.

This is a sexual act usually performed by sick freaks who also go dogging
There was no dogging happening so i went back and KFC knobbed my sister.
by The Shockmaster July 20, 2004
A cunt
A twat
A cheat
A big headed, self important, cunt pissing dogger
I'd rather eat dog shit than shake hands with Urs Meier
by The Shockmaster July 20, 2004
Similar to dogging but takes place on Gypsy camps.
A Gypsy Dogger will approach the camp in his car and flash his headlights at the camp until a gypo comes out with a shotgun. He'll then jump out of his car and run about the camp - avoiding the bullets from the shotgun - shouting "all join on if you wanna gypo dog". Once a memeber of the gypo camp joins on or gets "tagged" anal sex takes place. Once the male gets his cock up the females arse it's against the code of the gypsy to shoot them. Although the Gypsy Dogger is 'fair game' to be shot once he takes his pecker out again. Once finished he must escape the camp and drive away - hopefully alive and without any STDs.

Gypsy Dogging is a dangerous sexual act and only performed by the mentally retarded.
RIP. Here lays Simon Coddpostinga who was killed whilst Gypsy Dogging.
by The Shockmaster July 20, 2004
Having doggy sex with someone who's so born and bred in Blackpool that when they breath you can smell that sweet mixture of sea salt and shit on their breath.
'ar kid reckons she's half preston but i'm sure as shit stinks it was blackpool pier. innit.
by The Shockmaster July 27, 2004

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