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The act of choosing weapons when challenged in a street fight; challenger decides which weapon will be used and if challangee does not have said weapon, challangee is SOL.

Blades can be substituted with the following: belts, bottles, rings, purses, shoes, brass knuckles, paper, chairs, boxes, knives, etc.
C-Dub: I saw that ho Stephanie the other day and I thought about calling blades on her ass, so I did!

C: Was she packing?

C-Dub: Hell no! You know I cut that bitch! And what?

C: Cassie, you are crazy!
by The Shiznit! June 15, 2009
A dance move that involves one pumping their fist into the air and gyrating their pelvis uncontrollably once the bass has been dropped....
C-Dub: Yo girl, did you see Carly last night?! Once her favorite jam came on, she pulled a "staten island" all over the dance floor!
by The Shiznit! June 15, 2009
DFD is an acronym for drunk friend down; when one person in your group stops to take a break from walking to the next bar because they are too drunk to continue walking....
outside a club, walking to another with a bunch of drunken friends.....one stops, to sit on a bench

Carly: Hey, where did Emily go? We can't find her anywhere...
Jocelyn: We got a "DFD!" Someone has got to go get her!!
Cassie: Whats a DFD?
Jocelyn: Drunk friend down....
by The Shiznit! July 27, 2009
the art of thrusting your pelvic region in and out in order to ensure an item is worthy of your awesomeness...
C: Hey Puss! I like your new dress. Can you pop that pussy in it?

C-D: (while thrusting) Of course boo! Think I would buy something that I couldn't pussy pop in?! Its pussy poppin!
by The Shiznit! June 14, 2009

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