4 definitions by The Shizifist

The rolled up and partially dissolved bits of toilet paper found in a dirty vagina while you're eating it.

Can also refer to any creamy whitish substance found between the folds of a vagina while eating it.
Let's run a gravy train on those gash potatoes.
by The Shizifist March 08, 2011
The act of forcibly taking a cock into one's hand and jacking it up and down whilst the mouth slides up and down the shaft in unison or opposition.
BillyBob: Where's that whore you call a girlfriend?

Jeb: Campus police caught her blowing one of her professors in the parking lot. She's down in county lockup... prolly likin' some stank-ass prison guard snatch.

BillyBob: Did they charge her with Armed Knobbery or Public Incocksuckation?

Jeb: Ha! Both.
by The Shizifist May 02, 2011
A shizifist is an experimentally minded individual that is concerned with the observation, participation and exploration of extreme anal phenomena. Going far beyond simple thought experiments, shizifists set out to participate and explore what other kinksters can only imagine in the deepest darkest corners of their minds. A shizifist's studies pertain only to the detailed conceptualization and realization of hardcore anal experimentation.
Jack: If ram my head up your ass and you fart will it shoot me out like a canon ball or will I be able to breathe it in and stay in there long enough to see that jizz I just blew in your mouth?

Amber: Fuck if I know....you're the shizifist!
by The Shizifist March 27, 2011
The removal of religious doctrine from one's noggin.
A conversation between Dr. Jack the agnostic epistemology professor and his student:

Dr. Jack: Roni my dear, have you concluded your ecclesiotomy thesis paper?

Roni: Yes professor! My research has convinced me to move out of the rectory and spread the actual truth.

Dr. Jack: The actual truth?

Roni: Yeah! I can't wait 'till we get to the end of the textbook!

Dr. Jack: Oh dear.
by The Shizifist November 09, 2012

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