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A vulgar expression to describe the vagina. Derived from the word "vanny" (i.e. fanny + vagina = vanny), with the added expression "cunty" for that extra touch of vulgar. Rolls of the tounge quite well.

Warning: Use with caution. Not advised during sexual intercourse unless your partner is a dirty / kinky bitch. Also beware of using this term in public. People will think you're a nut case.
Hey Bro, I'm feeling horny, let's get drunk, go to town, and spit roast a vanny cunty!
by The Sherriff of Vanny County April 17, 2011
Pet name for a vagina. Derived from vanny (i.e. vagina + fanny), with the addition of 'cunty' for extra vulgarness. Great to scream at pedestrians from car windows, especially through posh areas such as lower Sandy Bay. Also goes down well in areas which require a high level of public courtesy such as libraries.
I'm feeling horny bro, let's get drunk, high, and spit roast a vanny cunty.
by The Sherriff of Vanny County April 07, 2011
A spare bed in a hotel room, primarily used for the seduction of sluts during the summer party season.
Habib: Yo Uleh, this bitch says she wants a threesome bro!
Uleh: Sweet as cuz, but we can't use my bed - I aint sleeping amongst your man-jizz
Habib: Bro we ain't hitting it on my bed either
Uleh: Oh man, there's a slay tray in our room hey?
Habib: A what?
Uleh: A fold-out sofa bro - the slay tray for hitting pussy!
Habib: Fully sick!
by The Sherriff of Vanny County August 20, 2011
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