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3 definitions by The Sherriff is near

A person(s) who drives a Polaris Ranger on a night ride in the desert and gets lost.
We all had to leave camp the other night to look for Jason and Megan. They were BATHROOM 4!
by The Sherriff is near February 21, 2008
A woman who calls her husband every five minutes to tell him what time it is and to get his ass home.
Linda is such a Phonetimer when Chris and I drink beer in the garage.
by The Sherriff is near January 20, 2008
A person who goes to Marios with his wife every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and drinks Cadillac Margaritas.
We always see Archie and Mary at Marios every weekend sitting at the same table. I think they are Marioaddicts.
by The Sherriff is near February 23, 2008