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A functioning drug addict. Someone who values a 48 hour straight, drug induced dance party over a clean criminal record. This person usually has a good job and and has never been busted for drugs, but doesn't understand that his weekend drug use is a felony because everyone he surrounds himself with is also indulging in an all weekend bender.
I just got to the party and the casual felons are still dancing in their clothes from two nights ago, high on coke and ecstasy.
by The Sexuation July 28, 2011
The widely accepted act of trolling for random sex with scantily clad, morally loose, overly intoxicated strangers while bar hopping in San Diego. This is not your average respectable one night stand. Both parties are blacked out, too sloppy to remember protection, and so horrified by the state of their partner in the sober light of day that they come up with wild lies about leaving the country to nullify the need to exchange numbers.
Let's hit the bars in Pacific Beach for a little Diego prowling. I need to get laid.

I can't even walk to the bathroom without someone groping me. The diego prowl is in full force tonight.

Don't wait up for me, I'm on the diego prowl.

Diego prowling is far better after midnight. That's when the hotties are waisted and I can pull guys way out of my league.
by The sexuation September 23, 2011
Collecting stamps on your sexual passport by hooking up with people from other countries with the goal of experiencing all parts of the world.
I was passporting last weekend Vegas and got two more stamps. I hooked up with a German and an Aussie.

There's so many foreign hotties in here. Let's go passporting and see who can visit the most countries.
by The Sexuation September 22, 2011
Jandied is a state of complete annihilation brought on by over consumption of alcohol or illicit substances.
He was completely jandied at the party yesterday and got naked in the hot tub and started pulling people in with their clothes on.
by The Sexuation May 30, 2011

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