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A fuzzy garment worn by emo kids, usually to soak up their tears. Even worn in the hottest of weather. Sometimes plaid, or flannel. A substitute for tissue, because a scarf is handy, and always around your neck.
Jim locked himself in his room, crying into his scarf, because his girlfriend no longer loved him. Dashboard played in the background.
by The Sexi Mexican June 26, 2004
Another Ryanie word.
It's when you take your shirt off, and do a jiggie dance. A jiggie dance would consist of shaking your arms, and twisting your torso back and forth.
Galen took his shirt half off and performed a jiggie for us, much to my dismay.
by The Sexi Mexican June 27, 2004
A word made up by Ryanie. A super biggie is when you slap someone on the ass.
Ryanie wants to give Jenny a super biggie.
by The Sexi Mexican June 27, 2004
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