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Slang for a male who ejaculates very easily. "New Yorker" comes from the common thought that everything is faster in New York. "Sloppy" comes from two basic facts:

1.)Semen IS very sloppy

2.)A female is usually not sexually pleasured when a male ejaculates after a very short time of intercourse.
Your a Sloppy New Yorker!
by The Sex Position Artist May 27, 2009
This is when there is one female and four males that all have over-sized penises are having "gang banging". The girl must be getting sexual pleasures from the anus, vagina, mouth, and breasts. All four men ejaculate simultaneously and she will be "full from your cream". The Texan part of this term comes from the saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" and the "cream filling" comes from your sperm and the other three's sperm "filling her up".
Stacey-"Never try a Texan Cream Filling Kim."


Stacey-"I tried it, it hurts"

Kim-"Sorry, we can't be friends Stacey, I hate whores."
by The Sex Position Artist May 27, 2009
When a penis is noticeably smaller than the vagina, but is shoved in anyways. Very painful for the girl. Can cause scarring or vaginal bleeding. Also called AJV
Gross. that African Javelin Shove hurt like hell!
by The Sex Position Artist May 26, 2009

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