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Adjective/Slang: To be extremely adept at masturbation due to frequent practice sessions.
Omg, Jenny you need to get a boyfriend, before your a professional Clitar Hero.
by The Seeker January 08, 2009
Cockfunnel \Kok-Fun-Nel; CockFonel\, Descriptive Noun:
An expletive used to elaborate on the intended parties tendencies to harvest or funnel several phallus's at once into his or hers various orifices. Reserved for describing characters lacking any real honor or moral substance.
Dude did you hear what Drew did to his ex girlfriend, That guy is such a fucking cockfunnel.
by The Seeker January 15, 2008
Slang: Female Masterbation

To engage in solo female oriented sexual activity.
Yo, I heard Lindzie went home from the club empty handed, I bet she played a game of Fish Stab before she went to bed.

Hey Sarah you stinky fishstabbing bitch, Bring me a beer!
by The Seeker January 08, 2009
A police cop who abuses his/her powers to bully people so he/she can feel better about himself/herself and who, therefore, deep down is nothing but a coward.
That cop kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach. He's nothing but a copward.
by the seeker February 26, 2013
Slang: Masterbation (Male/Female)

To engage in the act of feverish masterbation.
Hey Jimmy, Why don't you give up being a musician and harness your true calling as a professional crackysack player.
by The Seeker January 08, 2009
Drew Pronunciation Key Pronunciation Dru/Droo

1. Drunken Person of Semantic Descent/DR-unken j-EW
2. A friend and or acquaintance that refuses to buy a
round of alcoholic beverages even though it is clearly
and unabashedly their turn.
3. Tightfisted or Scrooge like Drinking Partner
Your round dude, I bought the shots and the pitcher, Don't be a such a Drew.
by The Seeker January 16, 2008

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