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A girl who appears to be a prude, innocent, and conservative, but in reality she thinks of sex all the time and pictures dirty scenarios in her head throughout the day.
Stephanie: I literally can't stop thinking about sex, its all I can think about.

Jasmine: I know exactly what you're going through, I have had sex dreams for 2 weeks in a row. I'm such a closet nymph.
by The Secret Prude October 28, 2012
Happens to people with virgin lips. Occurs when one has an extreme desire to kiss someone which eventually leads to frustration from being so deprived.
Niyatha: Guys I just want someone to like me.
Stephanie: Ugh I know! We need to have our first kiss already.
Jasmine: I'm so kissually frustrated it's not even funny!!
by The Secret Prude November 25, 2012
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