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A very, very depressing place to be.
There are many terrible things about Wal-Mart, and I'm, just going to say a few.
A: They censor their CD's. It's incredibly annoying.

B: It's quite easy to smell several different kinds of smoke on most of their employees. (I was declined a comment when I asked about that.)

C: The occurrence of collisions between shopping carts and Mini-Vans has been increasing steadily in the Midwest. You would think that they might at least shorten the pot-breaks for the cart people a little bit.

D: The employees seem to blame you for everything, for example...:
"My daughter got an abortion because of YOU!"
"I bet Bush won the election because of YOU!"
"I got pregnant because of YOU!"

E. A crapload of the male employees have hit on my 53-year-old mother. I find that rather disturbing.

Wal-Mart = The ultimate Ghetto-Mart.
See also: hell
Don't take your kids to Wal-Mart.
Because Jesus told you not to.
A J-Rock band hailing from Onikawa.

It consists of five members; Yamato (mid vox), Ryo (low vox), Hiroki (high vox), Naoto (guitar), Yoh (Ryo's older brother, and bass), and Katchan (drums).

I rather think Katchan looks like a woman, but that's beyond the point.

ORANGE RANGE was formed in 2001, and named by Naoto's mother, or something along the lines of that.

Their first single was "My Paulownia Paulownia", followed by "Shanghai Honey", with many more singles to come.

Their first tour was sold out.

They became known in the US by singing the third Naruto ending song, which was called "Viva Rock". The -not- TV version was absolutely fabulous.
But I still don't think too many people know about them. *tear*
"ORANGE RANGE is the awesome."

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