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Refering to Tom aka Tommy P, The Calculus Beast, King of Silent Hill, God of movie knowledge, Creator of Killer Zombie Sharks from Outer Space, Major Tom-Commander of the ion blasters, Possessor of infinite hats, The Man, The Legend...Yup...That's Tommy P.
T-O-M P-I-C-O-N-E...yes, indeed
by The Scrumptrilizer January 16, 2005
The most generous country in the world...sometimes too generous in my opinion.
US:What's wrong world?
World:(crying and sniffling) My kitty died! :-(
US: That's unfortunate. Here's a couple hundred million dollars my hardworking citizens paid. I was gonna spend it on education and defense and whatnot, but you need it more.
World:(takes the money) Cheapass! (spits in US's face)
by The Scrumptrilizer January 17, 2005
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