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An animated reality tv series in which two teams of campers compete in various contests on an island in the boonies of Canada.
Okay Total Drama Island campers! Today you all face the biggest challenge yet: the going down a 100-foot sliding board lined with sandpaper while wearing a swimsuit contest! Each camper must ride the slide and land in a vat of lemon juice positioned at the bottom of the sliding board. The camper who screams the loudest wins! The losers will be tarred, feathered, and forced to watch commercial-free loops of this show. Any complaints and you'll have to share a bunk with Owen after we feed him baked beans and prune juice.

Cody: Dude, Trent, you should slide face down on your belly! Gwen will be so impressed!

Later, on video in the reeking, bug-infested camp latrine…

Gwen: I was really interested in Trent, but since he took Cody’s advice on the slide challenge, I’ve decided he’s not my type. It’s just as well, because yesterday I met this hunky emo sasquatch who plays the banjo!
by The Screaming Beaver July 24, 2008

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