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A male name. This name is generally given to greedy Jewish bankers who rob the middle class of their money. A Will Weihnacht is also the most ironic type of Jew because they are known for genocidal tendencies. Will Weihnachts generally have small penises and rarely enjoy sex.
I can't believe Will Weihnacht just climbed down that drain for a penny!

Will Weihnacht really likes to murder ethnic people.
by The Scarlet Pimpernel January 18, 2013
A sexy black man who model underwear. Although at time cocky, he is great at seducing the ladies and often quenches his sexual desires. His only problem is extremely low alcohol tolerance. His famous friends are Willius the Great Jew of Isengard and Blake the Conqueror or Children.
Michelle: "Damn! Malik Sy just looked at me and now I'm wet!"

Look, Malik Sy just crashed head first through a the bar and threw up on the floor.
by The Scarlet Pimpernel January 19, 2013
A dashing man who has unlimited attention from the ladies. Although this man could do anything he wants, he is destined to become the President of the United States. The only obstacles in his way are the crows of staring obsessed girls that want him in their pants.
Wow, Blake Bengier is the most amazing man in the world!
by The Scarlet Pimpernel January 19, 2013
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