5 definitions by The Sarge

A case of beer, containing 24 cans, hence, two four
Jack went to the party with a two four, and ended up chundering all over the dining room table
by The Sarge July 31, 2003
Person who's job it is to corral or otherwise guide a group of "slow or special people" while they are being transported from place-to-place (usually via foot).
While at the zoo, I saw a tard wrangler attempting to wrangle a stray tard when he bolted from the group near the monkey cage.
by The Sarge November 13, 2003
hands (male)
Hey Jimmy, get those dirty dickbeaters of yours off my desk!
by The Sarge November 14, 2003
A single, long turd that is just barely visible in the bottom of the toliet. The turd is left for discovery by the next user of the device. Like a dragon in its cave...
I discovered a big sleeping dragon in the toliet this morning after my roomate left.
by The Sarge November 13, 2003
fat chick
Check out that two stool beaver
by The Sarge November 22, 2003

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