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1 definition by The S1F2N3 Network

A dream which can be fulfilled by the average working class citizen of the United States by following a set of standards which are 1) owning your own home which can sufficiently provide for every occupant (debt-free), 2) owning a high class vehicle or a sufficient working vehicle (debt-free), 3) own upper class clothing, e.g. American Eagle shirts, or Coach purses, 4) living in a peaceful area, e.g. suburbs, or in an upper class district, 5) owning a business (sufficient pay and debt free) or working for a business with a high salary, 6) being in a position where you owe little or no debt or have debt that does not exceed 2.5% of your net worth (applies to those making $10 million USD or more), 7) to belong in the upper class society and frequent parties often or host many of your own, 8) to have a sufficient cash reserve for family members nearing retirement, e.g. a retirement savings fund exceeding the cost of life after retirement, 50 percent above the GDP per capita (preferably), 9) you have to actually do something to make it happen & 10) you have to do hard work diligently & do respectable work for your success to truly be celebrated.
"I am living the American Dream by having a house of my own in the suburbs, I have a Mercedes-Benz R Class, I have 3 million dollars in my retirement fund, owe no money to anyone, wear American Eagle clothing, work as a telecommunications manager, I frequent parties everyday, and run a family operation of exporting wheat to other countries."
by The S1F2N3 Network August 27, 2012
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