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7 definitions by The S

Basically, a cooler version of the word "random". The word comes from the Sega Dreamcast game "Project Justice", where the random select icon was mistranslated to say "RAMDOM".
"Dude, that was totally ramdom!"
by The S October 22, 2003
39 22
When you are the last one to say something in a chat room for several minutes, you've killed the chat.
Zeo 24 7 AIM Chatroom, Nov. 8, 2003
b o l t 2 k 4 (3:06:08 PM): >:|
I Am The S 1 (3:06:49 PM): I like cheese
I Am The S 1 (3:07:27 PM): ...
I Am The S 1 (3:07:49 PM): ...
I Am The S 1 (3:08:03 PM): Shit, I killed the chat again, didn't I?
Kyattsuai7 (3:09:12 PM): yes
by The S November 08, 2003
10 1
A more fashioned way of saying "crap".
"Holy crapplesauce! That was sweet!"
by The S October 24, 2003
10 5
A greeting used by The S in chat rooms, message boards, etc. Never use punctuation with it, unless a persons name is used after it (ie., yo-ho, snake!)
yo-ho, urban dictionary reader!
by The S October 24, 2003
7 3
Flipping somebody off.
She was so finger blasting you after you asked her out.
by The S October 31, 2003
3 10
The correct spelling of Jeebus, according to the Simpsons guides.
"Help! Save me, Jebus!"
by The S April 12, 2005
27 47
A less religiously-offensive version of "Jesus" used often in place of saying the Lamb of God's name in vain. The origin of the word stems from Homer Simpson from the show THE SIMPSONS
"Help! Save me Jeebus!"
by The S October 22, 2003
71 174