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The High School/College generation use to using their phones to send sexually oriented material.
My generation sext son just got a pic of his girlfriend naked on his eyephone.
by The Rowdy Old Man February 15, 2010
A spin off of garage bands and then garage punk. White middle class adolescent adults who form a group, play punk rock to audiences compromised mainly of friends. Think they are good cause they get to play at clubs for next to nothing. Usually followed by garbage groupie sluts who get their jollies thinking they are doing rock stars.
Did you hear "Hearts and Guts" play at the Crypt last night?
Yeah, they're so loud, one of the better garbage punk bands I've heard shout and scream in a long time. They are real time Punk Junk. I like the "Horrible Rock" scene. Can't wait to get out of high school.
by The Rowdy Old Man May 05, 2010
The texting equivalent if biting ones tongue. Or not saying or texting something you are aching to express.
I'm biting my thumb in response to the a-holes post about being so f'n hot
by The Rowdy Old Man February 10, 2010

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