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Bahamian slang for any Barcardi brand alcoholic beverage.
*Smooth goes into a bar*
Smooth: hey bartender, you gat any ah dat ratbat?
Bartender: Wah kind u wan? I got raz, apple, limon, and superior.
Smooth: Lemme get ah bottle ah dat razz man
Bartender: aight general
*sells him the ratbat*
by The Roach February 21, 2009
1) Any device used in an induced abortion. Examples of these devices are cannulas, forceps, curettes, and spinal needles.

2) Self-explanatory
Surgeon: Hello Ms. Cater, are you ready for your abortion?
Ms. Carter: I think so.
Surgeon: Ok, let me go get my gore gadgets.
Ms. Carter: Um, what?
Surgeon: Muahahahahahahaha! Nothing.
Ms. Cater: ok I'm scared now.

That one guy got fucked by that speeding bus yesterday. Never knew buses were such gore gadgets!
by The Roach May 12, 2009
When every student in a class earns the exact same grade (often a bad one). This usually occurs in general education classes. Like Communism, every student hates it; esp the dumb ones.
Me: What did you get on that algebra exam?
DD: What do you think? an F.
DD: What did you get?
Me: an F
Paul: the whole class got Fs
Me: Typical Academic Communism.
DD: Fail.
by The Roach April 01, 2009

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