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1. public- Men that have a long package that swings around in their pants as they walk. Not to be mistaken for simple loose underwear, as many onlookers assume there's a large soft penis, even when it's all testicle movement. An actual pole walker shows a tripod-like front and back swing and one obvious source in the middle.

2. Simiprivate- Having an erection while walking (usually fast). Often done in the morning to the bathroom, or in the gym lockers. Mostly done with some attempts to hide the penis or with hopes to be unnoticed.
Sherri only talks to the pole walkers she can spot from the end of the mall.

I know to get out of the way of the urinals when somebody in the lockers calls out, "Pole walker!"
by The Riftalope November 13, 2006
To vomit harshly from a moving vehicle. If heard from outside it might sound like Chewbacca's yell.
1."What was in that chilli? Slow down and open the window. I think it's time for a Wookie Call."
2."Did you hear that Wookie Call when the bus went by?"
by The Riftalope March 15, 2007

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