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1. To obtain or try to obtain by begging
2. To steal; filch
ex: Yo, can i get up on that red beans and rice niggaf!

by The Rick April 16, 2003
It is a bit foggy, someones uncle
"Its a bit foggy"
"the guys uncle"
by The Rick April 17, 2003
1) (n) Totally dope, incredibly fine. Probably orignated from the "Boo-yaa Tribe". That shit was straight-up boo-yaa" -- ??.
2) (n) Impression of the sound of a shotgun, also "boo-yaaka". "Shotgun goes boo-ya" -- Cypress Hill (Hand on the pump 1993).
3) (n) Marijuana, probably derived from Buddha.
4) (n) Crack, probably related from the fact that smoking crack is sort of equivalent to putting a shotgun to your head and pulling the trigger.
You: Man, Rick that chick's booty was fine as hell!

Me: Yeah, well I tapped that shit last night...

Both (Together): BOOYAH!!!
by THE Rick September 22, 2005

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