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A specialized term to address the lowest class in the society. It is widely used for hispanics (unrespectively) of superbly low socioeconomic classes from urban inner city areas (the ghetto), who are usually illegal immigrants (99.9999% of cases) settling in those regions of the country in enormous numbers and always, are perceived as burdens for the state and national economies with unemployment (99%) while infesting those regional cultures with very large legal and illegal influxes of poor non-assimilatory populations. These immigrant populations usually do not assimilate at all into mainstream culture. They prefer not to learn simple English, mingle with other cultures, attend college, etc. and this then tends to lead to cultural and linguistic isolation, economic hardship, low-income hispanic populations living forever on welfare, disgruntled youth and racial misunderstandings. It is used as a derogatory term to certain people who appear to be porch-monkey. People with higher social economic class like me call ourselves non-mexican and we are fucking proud of our unrelated root.
1. You stupid fuck, if I want some one to mow my lawn, I'd pick up Mexicans wandering about Home Depot.
2. Jose is a Mexican because he sits on his porch 24/7 appearing to be a Porch Monkey.
3. Kenny of the Animated Series South Park is categorized as Mexican for his stupendously low income household (up to date his family had made what us people tip our Mexican maid for a PERSONAL service: $3.50)
4. Why are you being a Mexican? Eurasia is not a lump of monkey shit. You must have taken the GED to reach this far: Assistant Manager for a Shit Dipping Corporation)
5. Mexican is our next burden after the Black. They are the next NIGGERS.
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