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Birther nickname for Barack Obama
Shit! This milk is like $3.50 a gallon. Screw the Keynesian Kenyan.
by The Reverend McCready April 28, 2011
for the what the fuck
Corset turning stomach fat into boobs ftwtf!
by The Reverend McCready September 28, 2009
Slang term for the United States one-dollar bill, which is six inches in length. Although all US bills are the same length, the term can be pluralized to denote larger sums of money, irrespective of how many bills are involved.
Eustice: That bastard Gavin owes me thirty dick measurers.
Chad: Bro's always short on dick measurers.
by The Reverend McCready October 04, 2008
The fatal gashes on the ass caused by butt sex gone awry, can lead to septic shock or death if poo penetrates the bloodstream.
Person 1: "Did you hear Margaret got the cuts?"
Person 2: "I'd give her three days at best..."
by The Reverend McCready January 30, 2008

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