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About the only similarity an organ has to a piano is the fact that it is a keyboard instrument. It is in no way similar to or "like" a piano. Jesus Christ.
Piano, organ, same difference. I drink gasoline for breakfast. I am a moron.
A superb automobile company. Ford has not "ruined" them in any way. However, Vanquishes are for poseurs who think spending thousands more for a car with a worse power-to-weight ratio than the DB9 and a horrid paddle-shifted manual is the good thing to do. Of course, your average 15-year-old doesn't know that. The DB9 can be had with a proper manual transmission or a smooth paddle-shifted/full-auto AUTOMATIC, weighs less, has the same 6.0-litre V12, costs less, and is objectively a purer GT than the Vanquish. Think about it, kids.
My roommate's old man might buy an Aston Martin DB9. Jesus god!
For Christ's sake, it is not spelled "carberetor," you dolt. It is spelled "carburetor," or "carburettor" in the UK. Jesus.
The carbUretor on my 1954 International-Harvester KB5's RD450 straight-six is of the two-barrel Holley type.
I'm sorry, I'm sick of nobody knowing anything. A turbine is a rotary device which converts kinetic fluid energy into mechanical energy. This INCLUDES windmills, also known as WIND TURBINES. A moving fluid (steam, air, water, oil, gas) strikes the blades of a turbine which are mounted on a common shaft and causes the shaft to turn. A turbine can be the Francis wheel of a dam's power station, it can be the rotor of a "windmill" at Altamont Pass, it can be the exhaust-driven wheel in your car's turbocharger which spins the compressor, it can be part of a jet engine. Your car's automatic transmission has a turbine in it; the impeller in the torque converter driven by the engine forces oil against the blades of a turbine, causing it to turn and driving the rest of the car's driveline.
Windmills aren't turbines! I'm a sidewalk drunk.
An addendum to my definition: CBS did not drop the Fender name in '69. That happened in '75. In '69, the silver-topped pianos, still bearing the Fender name, became the black-finished Mk 1 stage and suitcase series. Two very important years for Rhodes indeed. Then came the flat-topped Mk 2, etc. post-CBS. The last electric (tine/tuning fork) piano Rhodes produced was the Mk V in 1984.
Oops, I confused the major Rhodes developments of '69 and '75!! I'm a chumpah.
by The Rev. Eighty-Eight Fingers Butler September 15, 2004
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