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A unique word that can be used as any part of speech. Because the word, "mep," is short and cacophonous, it can be easily used to describe practically anything that is annoying, anyone who is overly-excited, as well as anything that is in the process of being annoying/bothersome. The word's sheer hideousness (and ease of being vocalized), has made it a go-to when one wants to describe anything generally irritating, and can be synonymous with the words "loser", "ugly", "stupid" and "annoying."
"She is actually excited for the physics final, what a mep."

"Those clothes she bought at the mall are so mep, only an idiot with no fashion sense would wear them."

"She's probably so meppy because the only people she socializes with are fellow meps."

"We were all meppin' it yesterday, we wore ugly clothes and exuded an aura of insipidity."
by The Return of Tituba May 03, 2013

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