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3 definitions by The Resident Pirate

mystery meat/"meat"/meat? typically served at school cafeterias
Student A: What's on that lunch line?
Student B: They trot out the ol' chuck wagon again.
Student A: What's even in that shit?
Student B: I don't even know... but I think I'm going for the salad bar.
by The Resident Pirate January 13, 2008
Caffeine pills.

Essentially, over-the-counter amphetamines.
Individual: "I can't fail another drug test, so Target it is... gonna pick up some NoDoz."
by The Resident Pirate January 12, 2008
A beverage, generally alcoholic, that gets ya fucked up.
Easy on the slosh there, buddy.
by The Resident Pirate December 31, 2007