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When you're suddenly & out of nowhere, swarmed by a pile of men in tuxedos. Can be used, depending on emphasis, as a statement of shock, or an insult to the well-dressed gentlemen.
You see 'Black & Gold' by Sam Sparro? It's a total penguin attack, like, halfway through!
by The Regent October 14, 2010
Derived from the long running British science fiction show "Doctor Who"; the phrase is used at the end of one's answer to the question "How was your day" or "What did you do today?"

Works best if one's day was filled with random, unforeseen events.
1st Person: So what was your day full of?
2nd Person: Oh I did EVERYTHING! Had an arguement about meta-physics & the creation/purpose of the universe, the current state of the Third Dimension, and all things in between. Vowed to pick a fight with the meta-physical incarnation of the Concept of Hell.
Oh, and I met a horse.

Brother: What'd you do today sis?
Sister: ... well, I went to see my friend in the hospital, got into a care accident afterward, ended up in a bed next to her for a few hours before the doctors actually told me to leave... oh and I met a horse.
Brother: In a hospital? Rather unhygienic... wait, WHAT?!
by The Regent August 23, 2010

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