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A kill in Call of Duty 5 that occurs in the Search and Destroy game mode from a Bouncing Betty which a player set, but after he has died
Dude, I just got both betty kills in like 10 seconds. I'm dead and I'm leading the team.
by The Reddler July 23, 2009
An instance in Call of Duty 5 where a player is downed into second chance, kills his assailant, and finds himself next to his own bouncing betty, which he was placing when he was hit; the player then shoots his own bouncing betty in order to kill himself and keep his assailant from obtaining the points of a kill.
Frickin' A somebody revive me! Ah screw it I'll just commit bettycide, that was a cheap kill anyway
by The Reddler July 30, 2009

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