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when you wake up to someone (preferrably a woman) with your dick in their mouth performing fellatio.
wow im gonna have a great day! why? because i got a blowjob alarm clock.
by The Red Hat Kid August 31, 2006
manual labor that involves cleaning toilets, changing out kegs, and other types of grunt work that needs to be done at Paddy's Bar in Philadelphia
Fuck this I don't have to clean the toilet, thats charlie work.

From the show it's always sunny in philadelphia on FX
by The Red Hat Kid August 31, 2006
To either purposely spill one's beer or to accidentally spill someone's beer.
Also to take an hour long shower were the person most likely will be jacking off.
Jesus, are you whiteleying your beer!
by The Red Hat Kid August 30, 2006
A Dinosaur from the Jurassic Period that was the king of the dinosaurs, at least in the department of shooting huge dinosaur loads on other smaller dinosaurs (usually slutty meat eaters.)
Caveman: What happened to you? Another Caveman Covered in Semen: Me hunting and a Skeetosaurus Rex stole my kill, and had his way with me.
by The Red Hat Kid August 30, 2006
expression to bid farewell. Also said to girlfriends post fellatio.
To friend, "Skeet you later!" Then leaves
by The Red Hat Kid August 30, 2006

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