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Genie is an all purpose word to be used in pretty much every casual context possible. The Genies hate the wizards, because they seal us in lamps, silver rings, etc. The hand motion that can be used whilst saying, or done to imply the saying of genie, is similar to the Shaka, but the thumb and pinky flow to resemble a jelly fish; it flows to the side, with the palm facing in towards the chest. The motion means "your wish has been granted" and is meant to resemble magical sparkles or smoke.

1. adj. "cool" or otherwise good (originally referencing a good wish being granted)

2. n. an all powerful creature, aligned opposing wizards (can be used in either in reverence to the Genies or as a comparison to them)

3. n. (used with sarcasm in undesirable contexts) uncool (can be used in conjunction with "stats" as a contraction of "status" to describe a poor situation)

4. int. used to express greetings

5. int. used to express thanks

6. int. used to respond to thanks

(this meaning is especially recognized when "genie" is said twice in a row)

7. int. used to conclude a meeting or conversation (either causally or with a reference to the Genies being primarily a collective Force as opposed to allied entities)
1. "Your shirt is really genie!"

2a. "I just typed my essay during break!"
"Like a Genie!"
2b. "Dude that car would have hit you if you hadn't stopped to pick up that nickle."
"The Genies were with me on that one!"

3a. *drops school papers all over the floor* "Genie, dude."
3b. "Dude, did you do your essay in pen?"
"... No, I scrawled it out in pencil..."
"The essays aren't accepted in pencil; you have to rewrite it. You have fifteen minutes left."
"Genie stats."

4. "Hey. man, what's genie?"

5. *friend shares some gum*
"Genie, bro."

6. *after being thanked for handing over gum*
"Genie genie."

7a. "Hey, I have to go meet my girl, stay genie guys."
7b. "I've got a math test, I should get to class."
"May the Genies be with you" *laughs*
by The Red Genie September 28, 2011

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