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m4a is a music format used mainly by iTunes beacuse it SUCKS. It apparently is higher in quality, if it is, then it would just be wasted by the iPOd.
Me: Hey! Jack you still owe me 2 CD's
Jack: Hands over USB flash drive.
Me: Oh i can drag and drop it onto my creative zen. Plugs into school computer. " WHAT THE FUCK! M4A? Oh well I'll take it home and use NCH switch to convert the file format.
Me:Just Before Opening up NCH SWITCH.Hey, some are in MP3 format. Opens with creative mediasource organiser/player. an X on the song title. Calls jack. "YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU JUST CHANGED THE FILE EXTENSION"
Jack: Yeah it works aye?
Me: hang up.

Next day, at school
Me: Punches jack in the face. "WHY THE FUCK DO YOU USE ITUNES?
Jack: iPod.
Me: Rubs creative zen in jack's face
#ipod #itunes #creative zen #creative mediasource #m4a #apple sucks #ipod sucks
by The Reality Squad March 24, 2008
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