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Bliq is a noun.

Bliq is someone's girlfriend/boyfriend.

It can also be the person you are courting or a person of interest.

There can also be a big-bliq, when someone has a girlfriend/boyfriend of large stature.
Is your bliq coming with you to the party?

So how are thign going with your bliq? Have you made a move yet?

Damn, that guy has a big-bliq!
by The Real Xian October 07, 2010
The essence of everything. Random. To agree to something. A state of mind when a person is just sitting, thinking of nothing, but at the same time everything.
"Alex is in his doi"

"Ooutquwee seems to always be so doi."

Nick: "man, that's so doi"
Scott: "doi."

by The Real Xian December 08, 2008
A Camski is that annoying cocky preppy kid with his collared pop who likes to do kegstands and thinks he can get any girl he wants.

a Camski always thinks he's hot shit, but no one really likes him!
Lex: Did you see that Camski at the party?
Scott: Yeah, he was being such a douche. He hit on Andrew's sister, got drunk off two Coors Lights and puked everywhere!
Lex: haha hurtin' Camski!
by The Real Xian October 07, 2010
Doik = noun.

Derived from the work doi. (the essence of everything)

It is the place in question you are or where somebody else is.

It can also be the object that is in use by someone or the object desired by someone.
Scott: Come over to my doik tonight for some drinks!
Joel: Actually, I'm already having people over to my doik tonight so YOU come to MY doik!

Also, in the context of an object:

"Pass me that doik!" - of you are holding a pen than you know that pen has been replaced with the noun doik.
by The Real Xian October 07, 2010
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