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A facial expression resembling one worn by passengers on any public metropolitan bus system. Busface is most accurately described as an equal mixture of the facial gestures commonly correlated with despair, anger and fear.
Jake: I saw Megan earlier and she had a serious busface.

Smitty: Yeah, she just got laid off from her spreadsheet making temp job.
by The Real Sweet T September 15, 2009
A person under age 25 who adopts far left, anti-authoritarian political views as an excuse for disregarding commonly accepted social standards of decency and respect.
The braticals must have been out last night. When I left for work, there were environmentalist slogans and anarchy symbols spraypainted on all the cars on my block.
by The Real Sweet T September 15, 2009

1. a lie or exaggeration which seeks to make an undesirable object or situation seem more appealing than it actually is by using overly positive language and information.
I don't know, Mike, it sounds like some chocolate bullshit to me. Going to the ballet with you and your girlfriend doesn't sound like it'll be the most fun I've had since our Reagan's Dead! party.
by The Real Sweet T December 04, 2009
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