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an icemaster occurs most often in hotel rooms, lobbies, etc. A bucket of ice is thrown into someone's face. Side effects of an icemastering include ice chips scattered across the room and being thrown out of the lobby of a very nice hotel.
Person 1: "Hey! You know what?"

Person 2: *looks at person one*

Person 1: *throws bucket of ice in face of Person 2*


-a 6'10" ripped hotel security guard shows up at 3am to tell a group of guys to quiet down and escort them to their room.

Guy 1: "Hey guys...Should I icemaster him?"
by The Real Slappy McGee March 20, 2011
Occurs when you make someone laugh so hard that they vomit.
Mike just pukemastered Andy
by The Real Slappy McGee March 20, 2011

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