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Constructing your own prophylactic using the intestines of some farm animal (usually a pig) to keep you from becoming a baby daddy.
I was out of rubbers, but luckily had just butchered a pig so fashioned myself an Amish Condom.
by The Real Poop Ninja December 29, 2010
The act of giving someone anal sex, whilst using hot sauce as a lubrication.
That bitch agreed to to let me stick it in her brown eye, but little does she know shes about to get a fire in the hole.
by The Real Poop Ninja December 29, 2010
the act of fornicating after applying hot sauce to your scrotum
i play a mean flaming bagpipe
by the real poop ninja January 10, 2009
During the act of cunnilingus using your face and mouth region to wipe the excess vaginal discharge from a female, leaving it moist and refreshed
I didn't just eat that pussy it I gave myself a moist wipe.
by the real poop ninja May 14, 2010
Often the the first date of two rednecks, when you knock on the door of the girl in the trailer next to yours but the only baby sitter she has is the TV so you take her out the the rusty car on cinder blocks in front of your trailer that you swear some day will be running again and rail her hard enough to knock the car off its cinder blocks.
Tina couldn't get a baby sitter so we went for the Cinder Block Shuffle instead.
by The Real Poop Ninja December 30, 2010
Using the vibrating feature of a video game controller to achieve an orgasm.
I thought it was cool that my new girl friend was into video games until i walked in on her in the middle of a Mario Masturbation.
by The Real Poop Ninja December 30, 2010

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