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An vast 5 sq mile section in southeastern Brooklyn, New York. Consisting two zip codes and the 75th Precinct,and middle section called New Lots. it is an area known for its abandon and burnt-out buildings, fine but vast areas low-income housing projects, legions of gangs, highest murder rate in NYC, high crime, substandard housing and institutions of lower education. The far eastern portion, once an Italian-American enclave, an mostly abandoned industral wasteland is still known as a dumping ground for former members of the Gambino crime family that lived in nearby Howard beach and Ozone park
"Mommy, I took the subway in East new york and I felt like I was going back in time. I saw a crack deal go down on Eculid Ave and a shootout in the Louis H. Pink houses bewteen 2 rival sets."
by The Real New York March 05, 2006
Staten island(North shore)-a growing diverse community, a little noisy, and hilly but O.K.
Staten island (South shore)- A area where mostly Italian-American kids think they are ghetto in spite of the fact that they are prileged and hate black people. They even makeup fake ass guido gangs (gasp!). When they are arrested by the cops for petite crimes like vandalizing property and shoplifting, they cry like little bitches.They live in 800K to million dollar mansions and drive BMW convertibles, SUV's, Hondas and Volkswagen Jettas to school while blasting rap, ironically. A place where parents pass on their "views" of the world to their upper middle class children. The parents all act like they are the shit, and talk with an annoying staten island guido accent.
staten island wiggers- Faggit ass muthafuckas
by The Real New York March 05, 2006

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