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A man's non-homosexual guy friend that acts like a wife. Constantly checking in with him and wanting to know every little detail about everything he does. Usually ends up knowing more than the real wife.
Wife: "Your man wife is on the phone again, He needs his 30 minute update"
Husband: "Great! I can tell him about the pimple on my butt"
by The Real Mrs B April 27, 2010
A young boy who is obsessed with lego and can recall any lego figure or part from memory. They can also talk about lego for hours as it is the most exciting and interesting topic in the world to them. They have great delight in designing their own lego minifigs and older boys often video them and make documentaries which they then upload to YouTube.
Timmy: "Have you seen Sam's lego collection, he has an entire closet with draws full of lego all sorted by color and size!"
Seth: "Yes, he is such a Lego Nerd!"
by the real Mrs B June 06, 2010
A derogatory term for a person (usually male) that acts like a complete asshole most of the time. The king of all wankers who may or may not have a wealthy background.
Kyle: "It's unbelievable, Trevor does not stop complaining about everything all the time!"
Logan: "I know, he really is a First Class Wanker!"
by The Real Mrs B June 06, 2010
When something tastes really excellent.
Man: "Have you tried the grilled lamb chops"
Woman: "Oh my gosh, YES, they are Lipsmacking Lush!"
by The real Mrs B June 02, 2010
Term given to a pre-teen or younger who runs around a lot at school and gets little bumps on their face from not washing the sweat off afterwards.
Mom: "Oh my gosh! my 5 year old has acne!"
Dad: "Nope, that's just school pimples, the little bugger needs to wash his face after running around at school"
by the real Mrs B June 06, 2010
An Apple products enthusiast who has to absolutely buy every new iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac etc that comes onto the market.
Bloke 1: "Did you see Wayne has just bought a new iPad fully loaded AND a new iPhone?"
Bloke 2: "Yes he has a case of iFever"
by The Real Mrs B June 03, 2010
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