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The name given to the MacBook Pro by those who can't afford the extremely high price point or those who are just Apple haters.
Luke: Hey man did you see that Apple just came out with their new MacBook Pros?!

Me: Ya, you mean the MacBroke Pro. I'm never gunna sell out and buy one of those. PC 4 Lyfe!
by The Real Millz November 16, 2010
The term used only by those who have achieved the level of “boss.” This is the highest level of power granted within an organization. Whether you are the president or the top pimp, you are “boss.”
Fuck working for the man “we bosses” now!

We can do whatever we want because "we bosses!"
by The Real Millz November 30, 2010
A meeting at a prearranged time and place
Once the robbery is complete we meet back up the rondevu point, got it?!
by The Real Millz November 12, 2010
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