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2 definitions by The Real Ki

Kiwoong is correctly pronounced "Key-Oong" but more popularly, "Key-Wong" holding the Wong as long as possible while putting up three fingers. This word is generally used to describe a certain sexual act such as a teabagthat a person has committed on another fellow person in front of other people. The three fingers is put up while yelling out kiwoong in front of the person who did the act.
You know how Chris has a crush on Beth? Well, he kiwoonged her to no end yesterday in lecture! Yo here comes Chris, KIWOONG!
by The Real Ki April 13, 2009
Tiong is a derivative form of Kiwoong pronounced "tee-Ong" recently picked up by Singaporeans tired of imitating the Koreans.
Hey man you know how Beth likes Lindsay? Well, she Tionged her like no other- wait, here comes Beth, Tee-oOng!
by The Real Ki April 20, 2009