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A game created by Bungie for the PC and Xbox. Contrary to popular belief, Master Chief does have a name. His name is "John." It is one of the best-selling games ever and has had a sequel to it. While the the third one has not come out at this time it in the process of being made. There are also plans for an RTS on the Xbox 360. Movie plans were made, then abruptly cancelled due to budget issues. A trilogy of books was also written about this series by a writer named Eric Nylund. They give many important details and a lot of background information.
Halo, play it with your friends.
by The Real Iggy October 26, 2006
An editor who solely passes judgement on what enters their system by their morals, ethics, and what the believe is suited for the system. They do not follow the rules, they follow their own. This is an extreme loose editor and the opposite of a strict editor.
Damn, you just got your definition rejected by the editing vigilante.
by The Real Iggy October 26, 2006
An editor who uses more than just rules to judge what goes into their system. Usually they use their personal opinions as a good portion of the descrimination process. An extreme loose editor may be know as an editing vigilante.

Opposite of a strict editor.
A loose editor might not give this definition the thumbs up.
by The Real Iggy October 26, 2006
Any editor that regulates what he or she puts in their system by the exact guidelines. Usually a better editor than a loose editor who will usually become an editing vigilante.
Man, that strict editor played it by the book.
by The Real Iggy October 26, 2006
An accusation made towards another person by an idiot who is groping around in the dark for justification to their own faults and wrong-doings. Unfortunately, this word is can also be meaningless once you understand that hypocrisy is a hypocritical term.
You hypocrite, you can't tell me smoking weed is bad for me!
by The Real Iggy October 26, 2006

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