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1. The act of not acting. Literally, not doing anything for an extended period of time.

2. The actual movement of "Dickin' around", poundin' some girl while she cries your name and claws at the headboard behind her.
1. Boss: "Have you completed your work for the day?"
Worker: "Nope."
Boss: "What have you been doing all day?"
Worker: "You know, just dickin' around."

2. Girl: "Ah yeah, dick me harder Steph."
Lady Gaga: "Hell yeah, mothafucker, I'll dick you where the sun don't shine."
by The Real Hot Coffee March 05, 2011
Acronym for Hard Ass Mother Fucker. Similar to BAMF (Badass Mother Fucker), LAMF (Lame Ass Mother Fucker), or KAMF (Krunk Ass Mother Fucker).

A Hard Ass Mother Fucker is someone who is either a Mother Fucker who's a Hard Ass on people, or a Fucker who fucks Mothers with Hard Asses.
Cleavon Johnson: Sup nigga, these dudes is pissing me off and shit.

Larry Johnson: Yeah me to nug, I'm 'bout to go HAMF on these bitches.
by The Real Hot Coffee July 26, 2011
Acronym for Shaking My Penis. Similar to SMH (Shaking My Head) or SMFH (Shaking My Fucking Head), although it makes for one awkward internet conversation.
Rodney: Hey man, check this girl's profile pic out. She's definitely a fake. No one is that beautiful.

Joaquin: Yeah, SMP.
by The Real Hot Coffee July 26, 2011

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